How you can help DEAR Burma

We are looking for volunteer teachers as well as financial donations or items such as used computers.

Donations will be handled through our partner Public Delivery. 100% of all donations go to the school and will be used only on crucial school infrastructure, program services and helping those students with the most urgent needs.

Financial donation

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Monthly Donation

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One Time Donation



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What the money does

$8 supports the travel expenses for one volunteer teacher a week.

$10 pay one uniform.

$11 sends one student to one class for 3 months.

$21/month or $252/year will pay the student fees for one Burmese student; including books, materials, transportation, taking care of the school grounds, food while they are at the school, staff and all other costs.

$225 buys one used computer including monitor

$320 pay the facility fees for 1 month.


100baht = $3.2US = 2,5€

100% of all physical donations such as computers will be used by DEAR Burma exclusively.

If you sponsor a kid for one year ($252), you will receive photos, a case history, welcome letter, holiday greetings, and periodic updates from your sponsored child.


Computers / laptops
We are looking for old or new computers as well as monitors. Also, five old or new laptops would be very helpful for the school.

Air Conditioner
We have over 30 computers, however, 3 are damaged already as the room has not air conditioner and is very hot. Due to the conditions of the rooms safety regulations we can currently only use 7 computers. We are looking to update the computer lab as well as the computers. 20,000baht ($640US) would upgrade the facility to allow them to use more computers, making it easier for more people to use the computer lab at the same time.

Other items such as books, notebooks, pens/pencils or other stationary products are welcome!


We are always looking for Thai or English speakers who are willing to teach 1-2 days / week, 4h each. The teaching engagement should last at least 2-6 months and start at the beginning of our scheduled semesters.

Please apply here with an attached CV and contact info.